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Solo traveling: Discover the beauty of seeing the world a little differently

A solo traveler is a free-spirited person who puts behind the fetters of a conventional lifestyle and dares to dream a little differently from the lot. You will never hear any bad stories from a solo traveler. Why? Because for them every story has a meaning. Every story depicts a journey, and every journey makes an impactful difference. From meeting and greeting strangers, sauntering for miles to find that one “perfect” spot to devour to residing at innumerable eerie places with new habitats and culture, a solo traveler has done all of this in order to get lost in the “right direction”.
However, the journey to self-consciousness is not as facile as it sounds. Of course, a solo traveler goes through several hiccups such as security concerns, melancholy, and high-priced trips. But with manoeuvre and guided information, one can manage everything easily and get through bumpy roads.



When it comes to traveling alone, safety concern is the first issue that strikes a traveller. We at Masaga Holidays arrange travel insurance for our customers so that when they travel, they travel with no stupor. We also arrange escorted group tours where wanderers get to meet other travellers with the same mind set.
No, you don’t have to worry about the budget when you travel with us. And guess what? We do not charge extra for a single bed. We are also happy to help you find the perfect spot/hostel/hotel/motel that is reasonable and accessible.


Did you spend hours on Instagram looking for that one place that is ‘’not mapped on the Indian map’’, however, could not experience it for a variety of reasons? We will make that possible for you. We design personalized packages for our customers, depending on their needs and requirements.

F&Qs related to solo traveling? Here’s all you need to know.

Is traveling solo safe?
Traveling with plausible precautions and a mindful milieu, is definitely safe. As a solo traveler, you should be alert most of the time. Try not to be naïve. Trust your intuitive instincts and you are good to go! Do not worry about anything else. Rest will be taken care of by Masaga Holidays.
What are the things to keep in mind while traveling solo?
While traveling alone, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind. Among them is carrying your identification documents – your passport, ID proof, Credit/Debit cards – wherever you go.  Also, try to keep some cash in the wallet. Why? Because at some of the remote places, you won’t find an ATM. A good research about your destination is also a smart way to travel without any rough spots. And for that, Masaga Holidays is always there to help.
What is escorted group travel?
Escorted group travel refers to traveling with a set of people, usually organized by an outside company. The trip can include a group of friends, family, or your choice of travelers. So it’s basically you’re traveling solo, however, you’re not alone. Also, traveling in groups has a lot of advantages, especially monetary advantages. Masaga Holidays is an expert in this category. All you have to do is contact us!
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