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Places to Visit and Things to do After Retirement

Retirement gives an opportunity to explore things and places that you have always planned but somehow didn’t happen because of work and familial responsibilities.

Retired and wondering what to do and explore?

Our list of things to do and places to visit will help you make a plan of action to make your golden years the way you want them to be.

Things to do in Retire Life

Move to Your Desired Place

If you stay and work at your desired location, it is excellent. But if you stay in a place only for the job, child’s education, etc., you can quickly move to a pollution-free and easy-going village or any business you constantly desire to stay in.

Explore the Globe

Pack your bags and complete your list of desired travel destinations. India and World offer innumerable known and hidden gems to explore. India offers diversity in culture as well as in tourism options.

Experience the natural beauties of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Seven Sisters of Northeast, Western Ghats, and other hilly areas. Sundarbans, Corbett, etc., offer wildlife, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan etc., are known for royalty, and so on.

Globally, explore different cultures, history, and contemporary infrastructure marvels of the Arab World, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.

Take Care of Health

Prioritise your health. Exercise regularly, eat real food, avoid junk foods, laugh more, and be around close friends and family.

Health is a significant concern in retired life. You should take care of your health to explore the globe and live life on your terms. To do so, make a routine and follow that rigorously.

Keep Yourself Busy

It is natural to get bored post-retirement. You worked for 30 to 40 years, and now you have plenty of time. Utilise the time and don’t let boredom envelops you.

For example, write a book, join a club, travel the World (refer above), be an advisor or consultant according to your professional and educational background, play Golf etc.

Places to Visit Post Retirement (World)

We have shortlisted top destinations around the globe for your post-retirement vacation. Read them for your reference.


Spain offers so much in terms of architecture, history, and UNESCO World Heritage sites that you will have the time of your life there.


Phi Phi Islands, The Temple of Emerald Buddha, The Grand Palace etc., are significant attractions in Thailand. Explore enchanting Thailand now.


With beaches, wines, and serenity, Portugal offers a perfect blend for liberty at sixty.


This Latin American country offers the second most biodiverse destination in the World.

Other Notable Destinations Globally

• Mexico
• Malaysia
• Israel
• Hawaii
• Egypt
• Norway
And so on.
Places to Visit Post Retirement (India)
• Uttarakhand
• Jammu & Kashmir
• Rajasthan (Palaces, Forts, etc.)
• Kerala (Backwaters, Wellness)
• Beaches, National Parks, Mangroves, UNESCO Heritage Sites across States
Let’s Wrap

Retirement is a new lease on life to fulfil all your desires and dreams. Live your life with freedom, explore places, follow your passion, and do what makes you happy.


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