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You’ve put in the work—now’s your chance to take all the vacations you couldn’t during your working days. Those Golden Years do, in fact, seem rose-colored. With visions of laid-back afternoons, free time to explore long-forgotten hobbies, and the ability to pick up and travel, retirement is a long-term goal for many people.

Finishing your careers and sending your children off to college means you can dust off your passports again and visit the destinations you have always dreamt of all your life.

If you’re semi-retired or retired and you love to travel, then trust us there couldn’t be a better time – Unleash your inner child, pamper yourself, indulge in luxury, explore the world.

Why Choose Us?

Post-retirement travel, truly tailor-made for you.

 Not all elderly travelers wish to plan a trip on their own. Safety and comfort are priority, especially when you are older, and we understand that.

 We’re a small independent travel design Company specializing in offering authentic experiences to our senior travelers willing to travel the world. We design private tours that are focused on personalized traveling and helping our senior travelers have more valuable and less common trips.

 From hotel selection to various experiences – all components of the trip are carefully crafted keeping your aspirations in mind.

 We love to design itineraries around traveler’s travel style and interests, and while crafting the itineraries we take care of all the possible challenges that could possibly arise during the trip and fix them to make it a seamlessly easy and comfortable travel experience for you.

Why Tailored-made Experiences?

Planning an itinerary according to your individual ideas and not following a set, rigid Travel program is what tailor made Experience is all about.

It is a unique travel plan where every part of the trip is created individually to suit your style, taste and budget. Tailor-made Experience offers you all the freedom and flexibility to decide where to go, what you wish to see and do at each destination without compromising on your interest, preference or the quality of experience.

For more information connect us and we’ll spring into action to create a completely customized, obligation-free itinerary to match your travel perfectly.

Book your trip with us only when you are 100% satisfied.

Gift a Post Retirement travel Experience to your Elders

and see them return home happily with good vibes and wonderful memories.

Sample post retirement travel ideas
➔ Take in the highlights of laid-back Kerala

explore the centuries-old trading port of Cochin, head inland to walk through the tea plantations, spice gardens, and jungle of the mountainous Western Ghats and join a family for a homestay. Cruise along the Keralan Backwaters on a traditional rice barge and spend a few days on the golden sands of Marari.

➔ Experience the rich Japanese cultural heritage

experience village life in Takayama, soak up the serene artistry of Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, and learn about Buddhist and Shinto spiritualism at a temple lodging in Mount Koya. Visit Hakone National Park, hike to viewpoints overlooking Mount Fuji.

➔ Explore New Zealand’s landscape in style

from a helicopter ride over Fiordland National Park and the Southern Lakes to a gourmet wine tour and a jet boat trip along the Dart River. Journey from the North to the South Island, with private tours of everything from Lake Taupo’s geothermal sights to Napier’s Art Deco cityscape.

➔ Self drive safari, Namibia

experience the country’s varied landscapes and wildlife, climb sand dunes at sunset, kayak with seals, see ancient rock art, and track desert-adapted elephants. If you’re a first-time visitor, we can arrange activities suited to your interests — anything from nature walks and game drives to a mix of desert activities, from sandboarding to horse riding.

Post Retirement Based FAQs

A.Be it your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, Retirement, Masaga Holidays can plan a perfect getaway for you in no time.

A.Yes, you can. Let us know about your ideal of dream vacation, and we will set you up for that.

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