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Best Occasion Based Travel Experience

Tour and travel are more than just reaching a destination and spending leisure time. Travelling creates memories and experiences and strengthens familial or friendly bonds. Therefore, gift your loved ones an occasion-based travel experience and make the day, the moment eternal.

Occasion-based travel could be a Honeymoon in Paris, a Birthday celebration on a River on Cruise, an Anniversary on the Beach, and other celebrations of a special day.

There are hundreds of occasion-based travel options available, and you should consider a travel agency after thorough checks of feedback on Google, Review websites, etc., compare
packages, and others to avoid last-minute surprises.

Major Occasions and Travel Destinations
Leading Destinations for Honeymoon and Anniversary
French Polynesia: The group of islands and atolls offers the best honeymoon and anniversary experiences. Enjoy your special day/s with your partner at Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, and other renowned islands.
Melanesia: These islands are world-famous for luxurious resorts and tourist-friendly people. Melanesia is situated near the northern shores of New Zealand and includes Fiji.
The Republic of Maldives: the Maldives consist of 26 coral atolls and 1192 coral islands, out of which around 200 islands are inhabited and attract millions of tourists annually. The Maldives, with crystal clear blue water, white beaches, and international cuisine, offers a paradise for honeymooners.

In addition, you can go there for birthdays on a cruise, anniversaries, and many more occasions.

Caribbean Islands and Territories: These independent territories and islands offer a diverse range of options to spend your special day. You can go from super-expensive resorts to economical hotels according to budget.

Leading tourist magnets here are the Virgin Islands, St Lucia, and St Barts, among others.

Hawaii: A beauty in mid-pacific, Hawaii offers stunning natural landscape, blue ocean, flora & fauna, gorgeous beaches, tropical climate, and laid-back culture. Book your tickets or hire a travel agency to enjoy beautiful Hawaii with your partner.
Europe: Enjoy a cruise and old world’s charm through a tour of England, France, and Mediterranean Europe. You can find excellent architecture, historical monuments, and world-renowned structures in Paris, Italy, and Vatican City, the UK.

In India, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, among others, are favorite occasion-based destinations for couples.

Destinations to Celebrate Birthdays and Special Days

Here is the list of destinations globally that you can visit to make birthdays special.

Budget-friendly Destinations

• Chicago, Illinois
• Cancun, Mexico
• San Antonio, Texas, USA
• Budapest, Hungary
• Vienna, Italy

Luxurious Destinations

• Maui, Hawaii
• Tuscany, Italy
• Palm Springs, California, USA

Destinations to Celebrate Milestones

Milestones refer to the 25th Marriage Anniversary. 10th Foundation Year, 21st Birthday, First
Birthday of Child, and other such special occasions.

• New York City: The Big Apple is the perfect place to celebrate your milestones. Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, and others are major attractions of the city, along with a range of luxurious hotels, resorts, etc.
• Victorian-era buildings and glass skyscrapers of Ontario, Canada
• Temples, Beaches, and Rice Fields of Bali, Indonesia
Birthday Celebration as per Zodiac Signs

• Aries: Tokyo, Japan
• Taurus: Amalfi Coast, Italy
• Gemini: London, England
• Cancer and Libra: Paris, France
• Leo: Bangkok, Thailand
• Virgo: Machu Picchu, Peru
• Scorpio: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
• Sagittarius and Pisces: Iceland

Make your occasions eternal with loved ones at your desired travel destinations. Refer to the list and plan now.





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