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Planning an itinerary according to your individual ideas and not following a set, rigid Travel program is what tailor-made experience is all about.

It is a unique travel plan where every part of the trip is created individually to suit your style, taste and budget. Tailormade trip offers you all the freedom and flexibility to decide where to go, what you wish to see and do at each destination without compromising on your interest, preference or the quality of experience.

Generally, the difference between a travel designer and the many other sellers of travel (travel agents, travel advisors, travel consultants, travel concierges) is the deep personal relationship between the professional and the client.

Here are some of the other qualities you’ll find in this breed of travel professional.

• Travel Designers pride themselves on their distinctive tastes. Travel Designers will often recommend lesser known boutique hotels, even destinations, that don’t necessarily have the instantly recognizable label/brand appeal. Most choose properties based on their own careful and ongoing scrutiny.

• Travel Designers typically work with clients who are looking for comprehensive travel planning and guidance.

• Many Travel Designers manage the entire travel portfolios for their clients. They’ll develop long-term travel plans based on ages of kids, budget, wish list of destinations, etc. 

e.g., for a family of four, we are designing a 2-month-long trip to southeast asia. The objective is to immerse their kids in asian culture and to experience
local communities, not as tourists, but as temporary residents.

• Most Travel Designers create itineraries from scratch, tailoring very specifically to client’s needs, requests. However, they also advise their clients on the best packaged tours if appropriate.

What’s really exciting about being a travel designer is the challenge. Travel Designers are expected to go the extra mile for their clients. Planning unique, personalized trips is why they’re hired, and their creativity, wealth of experience and worldwide connections are put to the test.

Below is a list of some of the key benefits of using a travel designer to plan your next vacation.

  1. Understand where you’re going – we know the world and we know the experts that can bring any destination to life.

  2. Leverage insider partnerships and contacts to help you have a smooth trip and maximise your experience – remember, cheapest is not always best value and often expert travel designers are able to get their clients more for the same (upgrades, amenities, hotel credits, etc.) in a world where relationships really are king.

  3. Help prepare you for the travel experience

  4. Screen every travel company and partner you may be interested in

  5. Help you understand the rules of travel – many travellers have been caught out by fine print and we remove any ambiguity.

  6. Hold your hand – as loosely or tightly as you need, we’re here to help.

  7. Be available to you 24/7 – we don’t work 9-5 and it really is what distinguishes us from the internet, we’re able to quickly jump in and navigate all the roadblocks to try and find a solution.

  8. Go the extra mile to help you when things don’t go to plan – we don’t just make bookings, we’re your advocates.

  9. Solve your problems – we know where to go and to whom in order to get you the best possible outcome, not only when things go wrong, but when we’re presented with a tricky travel plan.

  10. Help you secure flexibility or refunds if necessary

A travel designer has always been one of the best tools savvy travellers have accessed, and this will really become more beneficial as we navigate a new world of travel.